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Minvoa Solutions are Trusted Around the World

Mining: Coal, Softrock and Hardrock

High performance ground support solutions to underground mines globally with customers operating in both the coal and hardrock sectors.

Heavy Civil, General Construction and Infrastructure

Minova provides solutions for foundation and superstructure reinforcement and repair. Our products include a wide range of cement grouts, injection resins and bolting systems.

Commercial Construction and Industrial Applications

Minova is a global innovator of polymer resins, foams and steel products used in industrial applications.

The Earth. Under Control.

Started more than 135 years ago, Minova is a global manufacturer and supplier of chemical and mechanical earth control products, adhesives and support equipment. With manufacturing plants on five continents and operations in more than 25 countries, Minova is an industry-leading provider of ground support solutions for the underground mining, construction, tunneling and civil engineering industries. Minova is wholly owned by Orica Limited.


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