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Minova Applications Overview

This brochure features a broad overview of our operating sectors and solutions.

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Geotechnical Products and Services

Geotechnical typical refers to everything we do.  However, there are many engineers whom refer to geotechnical when strictly speaking of securing overburden. Whether stabilising a slope along the alps or the remediation of shoreline erosion, Minova has both the product portfolio and the field teams to ensure project success.

Geotechnical and Structural Rehabilitation Applications (Select an Icon for Details)



From California to Gunma Prefecture, Japan, Minova products have been used to secure hundreds-of-thousands of kilometres of road way. 


Minova is renown throughout Europe as the premier provider of railway embankment ground control solutions.  


From seaside construction to iconic landforms, Minova has a smart portfolio of products dedicated to slowing and/or halting shoreline erosion.  

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