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Expandable Rock Bolts (EXRB)

Minova EXRBs offers fast and reliable rock reinforcement with assured quality and guaranteed mechanical properties. Minova EXRB consists of folded steel tube with upper bushing and inflation bushing welded at each end of the tube. A specially designed adjustable face plate is delivered as an option. EXRB requires steel with extremely good elongation and formability properties. This produces a finished bolt that will be able to accommodate large rock movements and still maintain its high load bearing capacity. EXRB delivers a high level of safety and uninterrupted production in the customer’s operations.

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Minova EXRB ensure a minimum breaking load as well as corresponding elongation. EXRB are available in two types, EXRB (cold formed) and EXRB+ (cold formed and  normalized). Each type is available in three different load bearing capacities:

  • EXRB 120 / 120+ 12 metric tonnes
  • EXRB 160 / 160+ 16 metric tonnes
  • EXRB 240 /160+ 24 metric tonnes

The difference between the EXRB and EXRB+ is the elongation characteristics:

  • the EXRB (cold formed type) has an elongation A5 of approximately 15% and the *other lengths upon request 
  • EXRB+ (cold formed and normalized type) has an elongation of A5 of approximately 30%. 

The EXRB+ is made of unique steel which goes through a specially developed annealing process, giving the bolts their exceptional elongation characteristics while still maintaining their high load bearing capacity. This process gives the EXRB+ superior properties allowing it to accommodate large rock deformation even in high deformability rock masses.



The EXRB Difference

  • High quality raw materials
  • Energy efficient steel production
  • All EXRB may be supplied with a protective coating
  • Seamless production control in our own facilities throughout the manufacturing process
    • Production according to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
    • QA and certified engineered rock reinforcement product
    • Full production chain customization on request
    • Traceability throughout the manufacturing process
  • Short delivery times
  • Reliable logistics

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