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Eclipse Bolts


Minova has developed this high-performance, cost effective bolting system to enhance resin mixing and minimize the adverse effects of “glove fingering".  Glove fingering occurs when the plastic film packaging within the cured resin is forced against the borehole wall to potentially interfere with the mechanical interlock of the resin and the rock mass. The offset head forces the bolt around the outside of the borehole wall, shredding the cartridge and increasing the mixing action.


  • Specially designed to work with Minova Lokset resin cartridges
  • Increases mixing efficiency
  • Increases pullout strength
  • 1/8” offset reduces glove fingering up to 70%
  • Uniform resin anchorage
  • Offset effective to end of bolt
  • Consistent quality mixing
  • No cavitation

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


Common Uses



Technical Data Sheet

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