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Minova Applications Overview

This brochure features a broad overview of our operating sectors and solutions.

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Construction: Civil, General, Structural Repair

Minova is the leading supplier of chemical and steel based systems, strata injection, cementitious grouts and associated equipment and services for use in the civil construction industry. Our business provides both proprietary and custom-engineered applications based on more than 135 years’ experience of industry specialization. 

Our Technical team responsible for developing our innovative and technologically superior product range is supported by our Quality & Environmental Affairs staff who ensure all of our products meet, or exceed, industry standards.


Minova provides materials and engineering solutions for infrastructure like pipelines, telecommunications, sewers, water treatment systems, highways, roads, bridges, subways and light rail transit lines. 


Building a tunnel means building public infrastructure which will last for decades. A tunnel is built to support modern life – to improve traffic flow, connect locations and shorten distances. With a perspective measured in decades or centuries, millions of people and millions tons of goods will travel through a tunnel built today. The tunnel must not only be efficient when designed and constructed, but also safe and reliable for years to come. This is where Minova comes in.


Minova is a global innovator of polymer resins, foams and steel products. We've provided solutions for ground consolidation and slope stabilization form more than 30 years. 

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