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CarboStop 42


CarboStop 42 is an ultra- low viscosity, water-reactive, one-component polyurethane resin. CarboStop 42 is CFC- and solvent-free. To adapt the reaction speed to the situation the accelerator CarboStop 42 ACC is added to the resin and mixed before pumping. The reaction starts after contact with water.

  • Grouting of ultra fine, to very fine sands and porous materials.
  • Deep injection
  • Fixing of anchors, self drilling anchors, drill bolts and cable bolts in water-carrying fine sands
  • Stabilization and sealing of loose rock
  • Stopping of water inflow (even salt water) under high pressure and speed
  • Injections of man-accessible sewer lines and tubes
  • Injection in simultaneous- or sequential stages during the cement grouting, (Carbo-Grouting System), and or for the automated compounded grouting, i.e resin mixture + reactive, or non-reactive fillers for the filling of large voids under high water transit and pressure (Carbo-Block)


CarboStop 42 ACC must be added for a controlled start of the reaction. Before the start of the pumping, the CarboStop 42 ACC is added in predestined quantity to the resin CarboStop 42. Herewith the reactivity of the grout can be adjusted to the given situation. Both components have to be mixed thoroughly. The prepared grout mixture can be stored for at least 48 hours without significant increase in viscosity under the condition that the grout mix is efficiently protected from moisture and water.

However, a skin may form on surface of the liquid surface, due to reaction with the moisture in the air. This has generally no further effect on the resin underneath, but we recommend to skim this skin and also prevent obstructions in the pump. The mix of CarboStop 42/CarboStop 42 ACC is injected as a one-component grout that reacts and hardens after the contact and interaction with a sufficient quantity of water. Should the area to be sealed contain an insufficient quantity of water to trigger all the elements of the resin, then a complete reaction of the CarboStop 42 can be achieved by pre-, simultaneous-, or post injection with water.

When compared to two-component systems, the CarboStop 42 contained in the high-pressure hose does not harden out. However, please assure yourself that the valves are closed so that no water can enter the hose and trigger the reaction of the grout. Nevertheless we always advise to flush the pump with the cleaner CarboSolv D in order to prevent the pump and valves from sludging. Should the interruption exceed one day, we’ll always advise to lubricate the internal parts of the pumps and the hoses with CarboSolv S as well.

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