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CarboStop 402


CarboStop 402 is a water-reactive one-component resin. It is characterized by his high flexibility and elasticity. CarboStop 402 is solvent and CFC free. To adapt the reaction speed, the accelerator CarboStop 402 ACC is added to the resin and mixed before pumping. The reaction begins when the mix comes in contact with water. The reacted material has a high amount of closed cells under compressed and free rise conditions.

  • Stopping of water inflow (including salt water) under high pressure and speed

  • Stabilisation and sealing of loose rock

  • Sealing of cracks and joints

  • Deep injection for soil,grave and fractured strata

  • Suitable for the injection of medium to larger cracks, fissures, honeycombs and joints

  • Injections of man-accessible sewer lines and tubes

  • Injection in simultaneous- or sequential stages during the cement grouting, (Carbo-Grouting Sys-

    tem), and or for the automated compounded grouting, i.e., resin mixture + reactive, or non- reactive fillers for the filling of large voids under high water transit and pressure (Carbo-Block) 

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


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Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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