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CarboStop 102


CarboStop 102 is a water-reactive one-component polyurethane resin. CarboStop 102 is CFC and solvent free.  The reaction begins when the mix comes in contact with water.

  • Stopping of water inflow under high pressure and speed ( salt water)

  • Coagulation and water sealing of loose rock.

  • Grouting of fine to grained sands.

  • Fixing of anchors, self drilling anchors and cable bolts in sand under water transit

  • Deep injection

  • Injection of cracks, honeycombs, cold joints and non-moving joints.

  • Injections of man-accessible sewer lines and tubes

  • Injection in simultaneous or sequential stages during the cement grouting,

    (Carbo-Grouting System), and or for the automated compounded grouting, i.e., resin mixture + reactive, or non-reactive fillers for the filling of large voids under high water transit and pressure (Carbo-Block) 

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


Common Uses



Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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