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CarboPur WT


  • Sealing against water under hydrostatic pressure from strata, dams or shaft walls, also against salt-water

  • Repair of wet shafts, tunnels, channels and walls

  • Sealing of under water concrete sheet pilings and diaphragm walls

    Applicable at ambient temperatures between -5 °C and +40 °C
    CarboPur WT fulfills the fire examination according to DIN 4102-1 – Building material class B2 (normally inflammable). 

Composition and Properties

CarboPur WT, comp. A is a mixture of various polyols and additives. CarboPur, comp. B is a polyisocyanate.


After mixing, the resin thickens immediately to a paste-like consistency. The mixed resin penetrates the structure to be sealed. The major part of water in there is displaced due to the hydrophoby and the viscosity of the resin. Traces of water make the resin foam.

Final product

According to its contact with water, the resin foams up more or less. Thus the mechanical properties vary a lot. The cured resin is resistant against many acids, alkali and salt brines as well as organic solvents (if in doubt consult Minova CarboTech).

  • Proper application provided, there are no objections against the use of CarboPur WT, as a sealing material in regards of groundwater and drinking water (cat. fittings, small and large seals according to KTW). Even when injected into wet sand, only traces of organic mater can be detected in test water, so that CarboPur WT is applicable also in vicinity of thermal water springs. These results are confirmed by site measurements.

  • CarboPur WT is inert from a micro biological point of view. 

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


Common Uses



Technical Data Sheet

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