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Rock Bolting Systems Overview [ Download ]

This brochure features a broad overview of our Rock Bolting products and solutions.

Today, in many ways, the true benefit that Minova products and services provide is safety.  Whether creating safe environments for underground mine workers or commuters in tunnels around the globe, ensuring delivery of clean drinking water to millions or securing mountainsides along thousands of critical roads and railways, Minova provides innovative reliable products and mechanical earth control solutions.


Minova is a producer of high performance specialty resins and cementitious products consisting of a broad portfolio of cement or polymer / cement based materials, polyester resins, polyurethane resins, silicate resins, epoxy resins and methacrylate gels.



Minova SDA® Micropiles are a deep foundation element constructed of certified high-strength small-diameter (<300mm or 12”) steel used in conjunction with high strength cementitious grouts. Minova is a leading solutions supplier for micropiling systems.


Soil Nailing

Minova offers a broad range of solutions for soil and rock nailing applications including deep anchoring solutions.


Rock Bolting

Minova is a leading global brand and with over 130 years of experience, with this comes expertise in in developing leading edge bolting solutions and the know-how for design and application purposes as the industry innovator meeting the demands of tomorrow.


OneStep Bolting

Minova leads the way in addressing critical needs for working underground safely by providing rock support even in the most demanding applications. The Minova OneStep Bolting technology combines leading-edge and high-quality, high-strength products to make rock bolting safer, faster and more efficient


Pipeline Support

Pillow and breaker/plug installation are critical elements for all pipeline installations.  The TekTrench System improves installation productivity and  reduces pipeline downtime by significantly improving installation productivity, reducing labor requirements and improves site safety.  


Coatings, Membranes

Minova supplies a broad range of wet and dry sprayed products which function as either structural or waterproofing membranes 


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