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Customer Focused. Safety First.

Minova can trace our design and manufacturing roots back to Dortmund, Germany in 1882 but our attention to ground stabilization and safety solidified in 1958 when we entered the tunnel building industry.  It was this entrance into heavy construction that introduced us to other leading ground control companies and opened up the door to the global mining industry.

Today, in many ways, the true benefit Minova products and services provide is safety.  Whether enabling safe environments for underground mine workers and commuters in tunnels around the globe, ensuring delivery of clean drinking water to millions or securing mountain-sides along thousands of critical roads and railways, Minova provides innovative and reliable chemical and mechanical earth control solutions.

The products we are marketing today, such as our Tekcrete Fast and CarboPur lines, are used across a wide range of industries and customers.  Tekcrete Fast was originally a product developed for the United States Department of Homeland Security.  Extremely-fast curing and remarkably strong, the cementitious product has now been used in more ways than we ever planned to repair damaged structures and bridges and in mining and civil applications. A whole suite of new products has been created from this recently patented material. These new products are being introduced into existing mining, construction, civil areas and will extend into our reach into a variety of other new markets.

As a division of Orica Limited, Minova also brings the strength of a large global corporation to the high growth markets that we serve.  Scott Alexander says, “This has allowed us to adapt to different markets, and find diverse solutions for our customers.”  With more than 230 patents covering chemicals, cements and steel inventions, Minova has the portfolio to address customer needs throughout the mining, construction, tunneling and civil engineering industries.