Steel Accessories

Supported Products

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Cable Sling

Available in 0.6” and 0.7” in a two or three piece system.

In-Roof Flexible Cable Truss System

A flexible support system that can be installed in-cycle much faster and easier than existing truss supports.

Mini Monster Mat/Monster Mat

Used in conjunction with roof bolts and plates to help control large roof deformation and provide surface control to the immediate roof.

Rock Bolt Parachutes

Parachutes are recommended when resin capsules are air-loaded into rock bolt holes. The parachute guides and protects the capsule while it travels at high speed through the loading tube into the hole, then holds the capsule up the hole until the bolt is inserted.

Roof Mat and Roof Channel

Used with roof bolts and plates to reduce rock spalling conditions and provide protection to personnel.

Steel Pinch Bars

Steel Pinch Bars

U-Bolt Hybrid Truss System

Truss that incorporates high strength cables as a key component to add flexibility and capacity.

Welded Mesh for Rock Fall Prevention

Provides a protective “screen” that reduces the number of rock fall injuries in the protected area. Mine Mesh provides surface support coverage to loose rock between installed rock bolts in underground mining excavations.