Cleansing Agents

Supported Products

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CarboSolv D

Cleanser for polyurethane applications, especially for flushing and cleaning pumps and hoses.

  • superior cleaning and dissolving effect

  • nearly inflammable

  • low viscous

  • mild smell

  • biodegradable

CarboSolv D is slightly degreasing, thus, after skin contact embrocate with regreasing ocam.

CarboSolv S

Biodegradable lubricant for flushing and preserving injection pumps

  • free of halogen and water

  • not soluble in water

  • more than 90% biodegradable in 14 days

CarboSolv U

Universal cleanser for degreasing and cleaning of implements, especially for cleaning pumps, which were used with polyurethane/silicate resins.

Terracol® System

Terracol grout is a low-viscosity, chemical grout system used for ground consolidation and stabilization of foundations and footings located on fine to medium sands.