Solutions For Hard Rock Mining

Minova is the leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical-based consumables, steel strata support systems, associated equipment and services for rock bolting and ground consolidation. The business provides both proprietary and custom-engineered applications based on more than 135 years experience of industry specialization.


tunneling_presupportWith presupport, we secure the ground for excavation of the tunnel. The rock is stabilized ahead of the face to reduce rock deformation before excavation. The pre support is executed from a secured area and completely eliminates work in unsecured areas. A proper pre-support also reduces the risk of collapsing roof or face during drilling and blasting.

  • Face stabilisation
  • Roof support
  • Cavity filling


tunneling_strengthenWhen excavated, the tunnel is further strengthened and secured for both continued work and for future operation. The rock reinforcement stabilizes the ground and extends the natural arch of the rock. The reinforcement prevents further loosening of rock mass and reduces rock deformation caused by further excavation.

  • Rock consolidation through rock bolting
  • Cavity filling to eliminate future ground movement
  • Injection sealing to reduce influx
    of water and to prevent ground movement in cracks.


tunneling_sealTo further stabilize the tunnel and to provide water control, the tunnel is sealed and prepared to be taken in operation. This is done with cement or resin based injection products and shotcretes and membranes.

  • Injection sealing to close cracks
    and fissures in lining.
  • Safety neting to prevent loose
    rock falls
  • Lining to create a smooth surface and redirect water ingress
  • Shotcreting