Solutions for Construction

BoltsChemicalsBrochure_03032017_email-1Minova is the leading supplier of chemical and steel based systems, strata injection, cementitious grouts and associated equipment and services for use in the civil construction industry. Our business provides both proprietary and custom-engineered applications based on more than 30 years’ experience of industry specialization.

Fully Grouted and Mechanical or Frictional Bonded Rock Bolting Systems comprising:

  • Lokset Resin Cartridges
  • Tension Rebar, Double Lok or Fixed head Bolts & Plates
  • Low Profile and Tensionable Cable Bolts and Cable Truss
  • Steel or Fiberglass (GRP) Bolts, Injection Tube & Self-Drill Systems

Strata Injection Systems incorporating Polyurethane, Silicate & Phenolic Foams and Resins for:

  • Water Stopping
  • Ground Consolidation
  • Gas Sealing
  • Crack  & Sewer Repair

High Yield Cementitious Grout Systems including:

  • Tekflex Spray Linings (Structural & Flexible)
  • Tekfoam Cavity Filling Foam
  • Tekseal Bulkhead & Explosion Resistant Ventilation Plug Seal
  • Tekgrout Ground Consolidation Grout

Our Technical team responsible for developing our innovative and technologically superior product range is supported by our Quality & Environmental Affairs staff who ensure all of our products meet, or exceed, industry standards.