Lokset™ Products

Lokset products are polyester based resins designed for rock-bolting and fastening of short anchoring elements.

Thanks to their highly efficient effect and simple use, LoksetLoksetTM resin capsules are for many years the state-of-the-art solution in mining rock-bolting technology.

LoksetTM resin capsules are a two-component (2C) system, containing polyester resin and hardener placed in separated chambers. During their application, the two components are mixed with an anchor element and react together to form a tough PU resin foam.

LoksetTM Anchor Pack is a special type of system based on the same resin as Lokset capsules, with the difference that it is intended for pouring into anchor holes (pre-mixing required).

LoksetTM TOOSPEEDIE Resin Capsules is a two-speed polyester resin anchoring system increasing your productivity and efficiency.


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  • Easy to install
  • Quick and high load transfer
  • Optimised for rock-bolts and drill-holes
Product Features
  • Used for face anchoring with steel or GFRP bolts and consolidation of the face
  • Resistant to anchoring failure caused by blasting or vibration
  • Effectively contribute to corrosion protection of the rock-bolts
  • Allow the option of having partly or fully encapsulated rock-bolts
  • Full-column bonded bolts strongly resist the horizontal and lateral strata movement associated with convergence

Product Options
  • Lokset™
  • Lokset™ Resin Capsule
  • Lokset™ Anchor Pack
  • Lokset™ TOOSPEEDIE Resin Capsule