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Every work environment has its own specific challenges. Wherever you may be, your safety is paramount to us.

When you partner with us, you will receive products and services that underpin your safe performance especially in very demanding conditions. You can rest assured knowing the products you receive have undergone stringent testing and are consistently of the highest quality.


You can count on us to work together with you, to adapt our patented solutions to overcome you site-specific challenges. We are proactive in addressing your needs, continuously researching and developing solutions at our four R&D centres around the globe.

Our products

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Capsule Grouts

We drive the innovation in the production of encapsulated grout technologies.

Striving to simplify the grouting process, we developed our encapsulated grouts such as Lokset and Capcem, which are used in the mining, construction and energy sectors.

Our special cementitious grouts and resins are used in both manual or automatic installation, they provide you with an adaptable solution for your project.


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Pumpable Grouts

Pumpable Cement Grouts

Our cement grouting solutions for rock bolting applications range from standard pumpable to high-performance rapid setting and high-strength grouts.

Our diverse and comprehensive portfolio is used for bolting applications for mining, construction and energy industries, but it may also be used for general strata injection and consolidation.

Our cement anchoring products include materials suitable for both manual and mechanised bolt grouting technologies. They are supplied pre-blended and pre-packaged for your ease of use.

All grouts are formulated with an expansion compensation system and are resistant to shrinkage.

Pumpable Resins

Over the years we have led technology in the development of ultra-fast curing silicate and polyurethane one and two component resins enabling almost instantaneous loading of bolts and cables.

Our products are used where time is of the essence, allowing you to speed up the traditional 24-hour curing period that cementitious grouting systems require.

Typical applications include grouting of cable bolts, solid steel/GFRP bolts, the SDA systems or our broader range of anchoring products.

Our pumpable resins, used with our SDA systems form our One Step Bolting System™.

The immediate bonding of the resin makes it possible to load the bolts without leaving the drill-hole making the bolting process safer, significantly quicker and more efficient.

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Injection Chemicals

From ultra-foaming to high strength and fast setting, our injection chemicals anchor, consolidate and control gases, water and strata in all types of ground conditions. Minova's injection chemicals consolidate fractured strata and prevent the ingress of water.

Minova's injection chemicals range include polyurethane (PUR), silicate and phenolic-based systems which are also routinely used to stabilise longwall faces in underground coal mines and prevent falls of ground during production. Polyurethane products can be injected under high pressures and have a long history in preventing water ingress of varying magnitudes into the mine.

We employ a qualified team of experienced technical personnel who work exclusively on product development of strata injection and cavity filling chemicals.

In addition to products, our contract services division maintains a large fleet of application equipment including pumps, hoses, equipment/material PODS and injection consumables.

Our comprehensive range of Strata Injection Chemicals includes Polyurethane (PUR), Silicate and Phenolic based systems. All systems are LOBA and NSW DII licensed and are consequently approved for injection in underground coal mines.

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​Sprayed Membranes and Coatings

​These pre-blended products offer the simplicity and flexibility of dry-spraying, which is ideally suited to applications where small volumes are needed, the timing of application is unpredictable, or the work site is very constrained. Production can also be scaled up for projects requiring larger volumes.

We developed and manufactured products address the application and performance needs of your project. We ensure that our products meet or exceed your viscosity, setting time, strength and expansion rates required to complete your job. Whether facing unique geological conditions or varying construction materials our products perform.

Spray applied waterproofing membranes

This innovative technology is increasingly popular for waterproofing in low water pressure environments. In 2013, ITAtech published guidance on the design, specification and application of spray applied waterproofing membranes. Since then, spray applied waterproofing has been used on many projects, including the high profile “Crossrail” underground stations in London. The ability of the sprayed membrane to naturally bond to wall surfaces means that linings can be designed as composite structures which is ideal for use in combination with sprayed concrete. The bond prevents the migration of water that may occur with other traditional membranes.

Sprayed applied structural membranes

Thin Spray-on Liners (TSL) were originally developed in the mining industry to cope with rock burst. Minova engineered polymer modified cements are designed to provide fast-acting, highly ductile rock support and are ideal for immediate rock support in challenging ground conditions. Minova structural membranes are a high-performance alternative to conventionally sprayed concrete where fast-acting support is needed, small volumes are required, or space is limited. This makes Minova TSLs highly suitable for application behind the Front Support, in hard rock gripper TBMs, or in mining and tunnel repair projects.

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​Steel and Fibreglass Products

Support where you need it

We provide you with solutions for both active and passive methods of rock support wherever you are.

Our products range from various steel and Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) bolts to steel arches, meshes and shotcretes.

Our offering can help you with:

  • Filling of cavities / voids and backfilling
  • Ground consolidation
  • Mine gas sealing and ventilation control
  • Joint sealing
  • Water sealing
  • Micropiling
  • Non-potable water pipe repair
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Concrete repair
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​Additives, Adhesives and Lining Materials
Minova additives, adhesives and lining materials facilitate rapid and secure working. They meet the highest performance requirements of craftsmanship. They are suitable for swell-resistant laying of woods that make high demands on adhesive technique, as well as for PVC and rubber flooring. Products are versatile and can be used on both absorbent and non-absorbent underlays.
We offer a range of adhesives and auxiliary material:
  • Parquet Adhesives
  • PVC and Rubber Adhesives
  • Stairs Renovation
  • Primer
  • Filler and Repair Material
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Equipment and Accessories

​The following products are available in this category:


Autorock™ Drill Rig

This patented double-clamping rig was designed for the safe and effective drilling and installation of rock bolts while offering built‐in temporary support.

CarboSolv Products

CarboSolv products are extremely efficient solvents that are widely used for the lubrication, degreasing and cleaning of the injection pumps and hoses in mining, construction and energy applications.

​Filtering Half Masks

​The Filtering Half Masks are an all-inclusive personal protective equipment products for the respiratory system, ready for immediate use.


Fosgel is a super absorbent synthetic polymer which, when added to water rapidly, forms a highly viscous gel.

Lokset Accessories

We provide a comprehensive range of auxiliary products for the fast and easy application of this innovative product.


Minova produces a wide range of pumps and pump accessories, to assist with application of pumpable grouts and resins in the mining, construction and energy sectors.

Super Turbo Bolter

Super Turbo Bolter is designed for the drilling and installation of roof bolts and long tendons in mining and construction applications.

Turmag Drilling Machine

The Turmag Drilling Machine is a hand-held rotary drill with sealed roller bearings and a pneumatic drive. It can be used with auger rods for dry drilling, or turbine scrolls for wet or air flush applications

Plystem Tamping Capsules

Plystem Tamping Capsules are shothole tamping capsules used during blasting to contain the explosive gases within the shothole, eliminating the possibility of gas ignition in the mine workings.

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