We provide a broad range of structural repair and foundation systems for the renewable energy sector.Our solutions include repair to hydropower dams and foundation systems for wind turbine and solar array foundations.

​Anchoring structures such as solar panels, wind turbines and transmission towers can be technically demanding.

With remote locations, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) requirements and other environmental factors, as well as transportation and project cost pressures, our products have been developed to support lightweight, low cost technical solutions to the repair and/or support of structures and foundations.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) bolts and meshes
  • Self-drilling micropiles
  • Structural cements
  • Polymer injection resins
  • Installation services

Increasing the life-span of your assets

With easy transportation and fast installation time, our products reduce the need for heavy machinery, decreasing the total cost of your project.

Our steel anchoring and SDA micropiling products are designed and built to last, increasing your assets lifespan.

Minova’s GFRP solutions improve occupational health and safety due to their lighter weight.

The specialty coatings of our steel products improve their lifetime.

Our industry leading polymers can be pumped, sprayed or injected to fill voids under structures, consolidate and strengthen ground weakened by erosion or seal cracks against water ingress.

Our solutions are designed to lower overall project costs, while extending the lifespan of your asset, even for geographically remote locations.