Ventilation control

Systems ranging from construction of ventilation seals or walls to complete regulator systems for enhanced control of airflow.

Supported Products

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Electric Drive Void Filling Pumps

An electric driven positive displacement worm pump and feeder unit. This pump is suitable for use with Minova's range of aerated cement products.

MK1 Pump

This pump is recommended where more than 20kg of grout is to be mixed at any one time. The pump is equipped with a measuring flask. Recommended maximum mix is 40kg of cable grout.

MK2 Pump

Mixer features a water level mark at 4 litres. This is enough to mix 10kg of grout powder (one bag).

MK3 Pump

Mixer features a water level mark at 4 and 8 litres. This pump is recommended for a 10kg or 20kg grout mixture.

Pre-Stress Combo 2000 Pump

The unique Minova Pre-Stress Combo 2000 Pumps compresses and air operated pre-stress pump combination.

Tekseal HD High Strength Void Filler

Tekseal HD is used for void filling where very rapid development of strength is required.

Tekseal HS High Strength Cement Foam

Tekseal HS and HS Fast are used for void filling where higher cement foam strength is required.

Tekseal S High Penetration Sealant

Tekseal S is used for void filling where longer flow distances and good penetration of loose fallen rock are required.

Tekseal Void Filling and Lightweight Barriers

Tekseal can be used for general void filling and the construction of lightweight barriers, bulkheads and stoppings. Typical applications of Tekseal are for void filling above closed-off arches in tunnel drives or after rockfalls. Lightweight barriers for ventilation control are also easily constructed using Tekseal.