Slope stabilisation

Options include injection resin, SDA (Self Drilling Anchor) and bolting/nailing systems which combine meshes and shotcrete, permanent or temporary.

Supported Products

Product NameDescriptionDownload
MK1 Pump

This pump is recommended where more than 20kg of grout is to be mixed at any one time. The pump is equipped with a measuring flask. Recommended maximum mix is 40kg of cable grout.

MK2 Pump

Mixer features a water level mark at 4 litres. This is enough to mix 10kg of grout powder (one bag).

MK3 Pump

Mixer features a water level mark at 4 and 8 litres. This pump is recommended for a 10kg or 20kg grout mixture.

Pre-Stress Combo 2000 Pump

The unique Minova Pre-Stress Combo 2000 Pumps compresses and air operated pre-stress pump combination.

Pumps for Resin Injection

1-component injection pump electrically driven 230 V max. pump capacity 4 l/minute.

SDA - Self Drilling Anchors

MAI SDA self-drilling anchors provide a unique bolting solution for unstable ground conditions such as sand, gravel, silt, clay and in soft to medium fractured rock formations. For projects facing such ground conditions, MAI SDA selfdrilling anchors should be considered as the most productive reinforcement solution.

Tension Rebar Rock Bolt

Minova’s Tension Rebar Bolt offers precise tension and significant cost savings. Where better beambuilding is needed, the Tension Rebar Bolt System has strength characteristics of 5, 10 and 15 tons.

TSL Combo Pump for Thin Spray Liners

A continuous mix and pumping unit electric or air driven for the application of Minova's range of Thin Spray Liners (TSL's) and bagged pumpable grouts.