Ground consolidation

Systems to consolidate fractured or unstable earth.  Applications include treatment of broken rock with cement grouts, injection resin and/or bolts.

Supported Products

Product NameDescriptionDownload
Bevadan Polyurethane foam

Fast reacting 2C polyurethane foam.

Carbopur WF Waterproof Resin

CarboPur is a dual-component injection resin for permanent sealing and consolidation in water-bearing strata.

This product was developed for application in mining, tunneling, civil engineering and reconstruction of buildings. CarboPur offers a large range of applications due to the variety of products.

Carbothix Silicate Resin

Carbothix is an instantly thickening, fast curing two- component silicate resin for sealing bolts.

Geoflex Bonding Resin

High performance non-foaming silicate resin for high strength bonding and stabilization.

Geoflex High Strength Bonding Resin

High performance, rapid-curing, non-foaming silicate resin for high strength bonding and stabilization

Geofoam Rapid Expanding Silicate Resin Foam

Rapidly reacting, strongly expanding silicate resin foam, used for sealing and consolidating of rock mass and lose ground.

MK1 Pump

This pump is recommended where more than 20kg of grout is to be mixed at any one time. The pump is equipped with a measuring flask. Recommended maximum mix is 40kg of cable grout.

MK2 Pump

Mixer features a water level mark at 4 litres. This is enough to mix 10kg of grout powder (one bag).

MK3 Pump

Mixer features a water level mark at 4 and 8 litres. This pump is recommended for a 10kg or 20kg grout mixture.

Pumps for Resin Injection

1-component injection pump electrically driven 230 V max. pump capacity 4 l/minute.

TSL Combo Pump for Thin Spray Liners

A continuous mix and pumping unit electric or air driven for the application of Minova's range of Thin Spray Liners (TSL's) and bagged pumpable grouts.