Structural Reinforcement

Minova provides materials and engineering solutions for infrastructure like pipelines, telecommunications, sewers, water treatment systems, highways, roads, bridges, subway tunnels and light rail transit lines.

Supported Products

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Capcem KT Fast Setting Protective Coating

Capcem KT Fast 2C provides a protective light grey coating to rock, coal, or concrete surfaces which are susceptible to deterioration on exposure. A fast rate of strength development also allows rapid development of support.

Celroc P Non-Shrink High-Strength Hydraulic Cement

Non-shrink, high-strength, rapid-hardening, low w/s ratio, hydraulic cement typically used for anchorages and small void fills.

Geoflex Bonding Resin

High performance non-foaming silicate resin for high strength bonding and stabilization.

Geoflex High Strength Bonding Resin

High performance, rapid-curing, non-foaming silicate resin for high strength bonding and stabilization

GFRP Rock Bolts

In cooperation with FiReP International AG (Switzerland) the Minova Group offers a range of GRP bolts which utilize the results of these findings, and are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technologies. The material offers high mechanical solidity and favorable long-term behavior for the anchor technology. 

Minova Self Drilling Systems

Minova offers a wide range of high-performance ground support and consolidation products and services as well as an extensive range of geotechnical solutions for applications in ground engineering, tunneling, mining and rehabilitation.

RD10 Dust Control

Dust is a genuine health concern for people and livestock and a general safety and environmental hazard. The control of dust is a serious issue for mining and infrastructure projects operating near or within areas of primary production, community and protected areas.

The control of dust, typically by the topical application of water, can be a costly and disruptive process – often effective for a limited time period.

RD10 is a water soluble non hazardous emulsion that is specifically designed for:

  • Soil stabilisation
  • Soil solidification
  • Erosion control – stock piles
  • Suppression of dust
Tekcrete Fast

Tekcrete Fast* is a specially designed, ultrarapid hardening, high performance dry process shotcrete (gunite). Fiber-reinforced, this product offers superlative adhesion characteristics and strength over 11,000 psi for use in conventional, dry-process shotcrete (gunite) equipment. It is ideal where immediate structural strength is required.

Tekflex® PM

This high strength cement coating is ideal for quickly coating an entryway with a strong durable sealant. Uses include the prevention of spalling from moisture ingress and helping ensure the structural integrity of mine passages. It is an excellent alternative to gunite or shotcrete without the mess.