Minova provides materials and engineering solutions for infrastructure like pipelines, telecommunications, sewers, water treatment systems, highways, roads, bridges, subway tunnels and light rail transit lines.

Supported Products

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Carbopur Family

Carbopur is a dual-component injection resin for permanent sealing and consolidation in waterbearing strata.

Hand Held Turmag Drilling Machine

The Turmag is a hand-held rotary drilling machine with sealed roller bearings and a pneumatic drive. It can be used with Auger rods for dry drilling, or turbine scrolls for wet or air flush applications. Its light weight and high power make it particularly suitable for rope access work.

Minova Self Drilling Systems

Minova offers a wide range of high-performance ground support and consolidation products and services as well as an extensive range of geotechnical solutions for applications in ground engineering, tunneling, mining and rehabilitation.