Coal mining


Ground support solutions are essential foundations to the safety of today’s underground mining operations. Our solutions provide support with:

  • Cavity filling and consolidation of fractured ground and void spaces
  • Strata control for the stability of rock faces, helping prevent rock fall and roof failures
  • Provisions for managing water ingress and air control

All of which would threaten the safety and viability of an operation and its personnel.

The reality of modern life


Safety, productivity and asset optimisation are key drivers in the mining industry. For decades, Minova has been a leader in developing innovative bolts, resins and mechanical solutions – leading to improved safety and bolting installation times. This legacy of innovation continues with our Surface to Seam Ground Support which will maximise safety, increase efficiency and minimise labour footprint.

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Minova is there at every step

+ 15 years experience supplying pumpable crib technology. Pumping product from the surface eliminates up to 95% of activity.


  • Ground Control
  • Water Control
  • Gas and Ventilation Control
  • Cavity and Backfilling
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