Pumpable Grouts

​​We leverage our global technology resources to offer a range of pumpable cement and resin grouts for anchoring applications.

​​Pumpable Cement Grouts

Our cement grouting solutions for rock bolting applications range from standard pumpable to high-performance rapid setting and high-strength grouts.

Our diverse and comprehensive portfolio is used for bolting applications for mining, construction and energy industries, but it may also be used for general strata injection and consolidation.

Our cement anchoring products include materials suitable for both manual and mechanised bolt grouting technologies. They are supplied pre-blended and pre-packaged for your ease of use.

All grouts are formulated with an expansion compensation system and are resistant to shrinkage.


Pumpable Resins

Over the years we have led technology in the development of ultra-fast curing silicate and polyurethane one and two component resins enabling almost instantaneous loading of bolts and cables, .

Our products are used where time is of the essence, allowing you to speed up the traditional 24-hour curing period that cementitious grouting systems require.

Typical applications include grouting of cable bolts, solid steel/GFRP bolts, the SDA systems or our broader range of anchoring products.

Our pumpable resins, used with our SDA systems form our One Step Bolting System™.

The immediate bonding of the resin makes it possible to load the bolts without leaving the drill-hole making the bolting process safer, significantly quicker and more efficient.

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