CarboThix™ Fast

CarboThix™ Fast is an instantly thickening fast curing two component silicate resin for the high strength bonding of solid bolts and cable anchors in colder environments.

CarboThix™ Fast is an immediate partially stiffening and very fast curing dual component silicate resin for bonding injection drilling anchors, also for rock stabilization and water sealing. CarboThix Fast was developed to improve the productivity of ground support installation in underground mining and tunnelling applications. Using the pumpable resin enables loads to be taken up in minutes rather than the typical 24 hours from cementitious grouted systems. Typical applications of CarboThix Fast include grouting of cable bolts, steel or GFRP bolts, and sealing of roof bolts.

During application, the two components are intimately mixed and achieve a grease-like viscosity (the Thix effect), so that the grout stops flowing and cures to form a tough elastic and non-porous resin that will not mix with water or be diluted in wet holes. Together they form an interpenetrating network, as a tough elastic non-porous silicate resin. The resulting viscous emulsion will not take up any additional water (from the rock), will not mix with water and is resistant to dilute acids and alkalis as well as fats.

As the system is under pump pressure, some grout is pushed into minor cracks and fissures around the anchor hole, ensuring full encapsulation of the anchor. As the two resin components are mixed at a set volume, consistent mixing of the grout is guaranteed, an advantage over cementitious grouts. This delivers a reliable quality of grout and anchoring performance.

Operator safety and handling issues are also improved over cementitious grouting systems. As a pumpable resin system, CarboThix Fast can be handled over long distances (up to 500 m) improving operational flexibility.

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  • Immediate loading capacity
  • Full encapsulation of anchors
  • Faster support installation and work re-entry
Product Features
  • Immediate loading capacity even in extreme cold environments
  • Faster re-entry and support installation
  • Full encapsulation of anchors
  • Improved operator safety
  • Consistent grout quality
  • Resistance of grout to water
  • Longer shelf life than resin capsules
  • Ease of storage
  • Long distance pumping
  • Different versions of CarboThix™ are available to suit the various mine or site environmental conditions and desired load capacity.