CarboPur WX

CarboPur WX is a slow reacting, extended pot life, two-component polyurethane injection resin for permanent consolidation and sealing of strata even in damp, water-bearing strata.

CarboPur WX was developed for application in mining, tunnelling, civil engineering and reconstruction of buildings.  CarboPur WX has an extended pot life making it ideal for those applications that require deep injection in strata with high temperature environments.

Product Image
  • Consolidation in wet or water bearing strata
  • Extended pot life, slow setting
  • Sealing against water
Product Features
  • Consolidation and stabilisation of loose rock, clefts, cavities, sand or dry and water-bearing rock formations and all types of rock texture
  • Sealing of water tributaries (incl. salt water) from rock formations, from dams or shaft and tunnel walls
  • Renovation of wet shafts, tunnels, sewers and constructions. Particularly the underground infrastructure or brickwork
  • Sealing of excavation and sheet pile/slotted wall in ground water
  • Sealing and locking of cracks and joints many other specialised applications