The original resin cartridge, two speed, Lokset® TOOSPEEDIE® resin cartridges.

The Lokset TOOSPEEDIE resin cartridge was designed for primary application and use with tension rebar systems. The Lokset TOOSPEEDIE system consists of a single cartridge accurately filled with both fast and slow speed, reinforced, thixotropic polyester resin mastic and an organic peroxide catalyst separated by a physical barrier.

Lokset TOOSPEEDIE resin cartridges are available in multiple set-time ratios, as designated by the product codes. Combinations of set times are possible using any of Minova’s resin mastic formulations.

Product Image
  • Color coded
  • Guarantees fast and slow cartridges are installed
  • Allows quick bolt pre-tensioning
  • Reduced handling
  • Reduced waste
  • Rapid insertion, easy and quick to use
  • Helps ensure fast end of cartridge inserted first
  • Guarantees both fast and slow set cartridges are installed
  • Both speeds compatible, resulting in reduced back pressure and easier penetration
  • Allows roof bolt to be pre-tensioned quickly
  • A unique design of cartridge configuration enabling extremely effective mixing of resin mastic and catalyst compartments

Product Options
  • Available viscosities High, Medium , Low
  • Low Insertion Force (LIF) and Very Low Insertion Force (VLIF) in both A-Series and B-Series
  • A variety of speeds from Ultra Fast to Super Slow in either resin mastic