The original single speed resin cartridge, B-Series, Lokset® resin cartridges.

The most trusted brand in resin cartridge anchoring systems. The B-Series, Lokset® resin cartridge was designed to be used specifically in conjunction with #5 (5/8”) steel roof bolts in 25 mm (1”) boreholes.

The principal applications for B-Series, Lokset® resin cartridges include fully grouted rebar, tension rebar, doweling and resin-enhanced mechanical anchors.

The Lokset® system consists of an easily handled cartridge, containing a highly reinforced polyester resin component together with a catalyst, in accurately measured quantities.

The components are isolated from each other by a physical barrier which prevents reaction between the components until mixing. The sausage shaped cartridge is designed for rapid insertion into a wide range of diameter and length boreholes. The system permits the placing of bolts in any position or angle above or below the horizon. Therefore, optimum bolt anchorage is possible in a wide range of concrete structures or rock strata by easily adjusting the length of the resin anchor zone.

No reaction takes place until the bolt is inserted and rotated through the cartridge, mixing the components and initiating the curing action. The chemical nature of Lokset® cartridges allow the contents to be easily mixed, yet minimizing resin run out. The mixed resin fills the annulus around the bolt and creates a superior mechanical interlock with the surrounding strata. Standard “point” anchorages will be firmly interlocked with the substrate and bolt within minutes.

The setting time of the resin components can be controlled. A combination of fast- and slow- setting cartridges and differing insertion strengths makes possible the simultaneous operation of anchoring, grouting and tensioning of rock bolts. The simplicity of this method of anchoring/grouting eliminates the need for cumbersome injection equipment.

  • B-Series Cartridges:
    • 23 mm (7/8") diameter, lengths ranging from one to seven grouted feet
    • For use with #5 (5/8”) roof bolts in 25 mm (1") boreholes


Product Image
  • Proven
  • Rigid
  • Economical
Product Features
  • Since introducing resin anchors to the United States in 1971, Lokset® Resin Cartridges have a proven record of success
  • When used properly, Lokset® Resin Cartridges consistently surpass the strength of the bolt or the surrounding strata, whichever is weaker
  • Stiff and easy to handle during installation
  • Available in a wide variety of lengths and speeds which will satisfy most applications
  • Available in High, Medium, Low Insertion Force (LIF) and Very Low Insertion Force (VLIF) viscosities
  • The VLIF formulation is unique in the industry and provides optimum performance with cable and mechanical assisted resin point anchor rock bolts

Product Options
  • 23 mm (7/8") diameter, lengths ranging from one to seven grouted feet
  • For use with #5 (5/8”) roof bolts in 25 mm (1") boreholes
  • A variety of speeds from Ultra Fast to Super Slow