Capsule Grouts

The original resin capsule, Lokset® resin cartridges.

The most trusted brand in resin capsule anchoring systems. 

The Lokset® resin cartridge was specifically designed to increase bolting safety, permanence and efficiency.

All versions of Lokset® consist of accurately measured easily handled cartridges, containing a highly reinforced polyester resin mastic together with an organic peroxide catalyst.

The components are isolated from each other by a physical barrier which prevents reaction between the components until mixing.

The sausage shaped cartridge is designed for rapid insertion into a wide range of diameter and length boreholes. The system permits the placing of bolts in any position or angle above or below the horizon.  Therefore, optimum bolt anchorage is possible in a wide range of concrete structures or rock strata by easily adjusting the length of the resin anchor zone. 

No reaction takes place until the bolt is inserted and rotated through the cartridge, mixing the components and initiating the curing action.

The chemical nature of Lokset® cartridges allow the contents to be easily mixed, yet minimizing resin run out. The mixed resin fills the annulus around the bolt and creates a superior mechanical interlock with the surrounding strata. Standard “point” anchorages will be firmly interlocked with the substrate and bolt within minutes. 

The setting time of the resin components can be controlled.

A combination of fast- and slow- setting cartridges and differing insertion strengths makes possible the simultaneous operation of anchoring, grouting and tensioning of rock bolts. The simplicity of this method of anchoring/grouting eliminates the need for cumbersome injection equipment.

  • Fast setting
  • Customizable
  • Easy to install
Accuracy - Anchorages can be accurately designed with Lokset® resins having reproducible strength characteristics Low Insertion Force - Lokset® anchors can be specifically formulated for easier penetration when hand held equipment is in use Permanence - The resins protect the embedded bolt from corrosion due to acid-bearing water, sea or ground water. Atmosphere is precluded from the borehole, preventing further deterioration of the strata Safety - Millions of Lokset® resin anchors are used every year for critical jobs such as roof support for permanent rock reinforcement in mines, tunnels and foundations Speed - The fast-gelling Lokset® resins enable rapid installation to be carried out, a significant advantage in the area of tunnel bolting and rock slope stabilization. Application of load can be completed within minutes Stress-free - No internal stresses are set up in the rock or concrete by resin anchors Vibration - Lokset® anchors are not affected by vibration and require no retensioning even after close proximity blasting