Our products and services cover applications such as floor adhesives, basement and building waterproofing, crack and curtain injection systems.

Minova is a global manufacturer of cementitious and resin materials for the commercial sector.


Crack and joint sealing

Our products not only seal rigid or passive cracks, they can also be used to seal movement joints.
Our resins can tolerate large joint displacements and remain elastic.

Void and cavity filling

Our products are designed to expand rapidly to fill in cavities and voids.


We stock a range of products specially formulated to stop water ingress into the structure, this can be achieved by curtain injection to the outer surface of the structure and injection of the cracks within the structure.


Floor adhesives

Our adhesive materials facilitate rapid and secure working. They are suitable for swell-resistant laying of parquet, PVC and rubber flooring. Products are versatile and can be used on both absorbent and non-absorbent underlays.