Application overview

Supporting your industrial applications

​In every industry, numerous activities are necessary for success.

​To be safe, efficient and profitable in your industry, you will inevitably implement multiple applications. We provide you support during these applications with well-proven, best-in-class products and services. In most industries, ground and water control are applications requiring extra attention. Whereas, in other industries, specific applications might be required, such as gas and ventilation control, cavity and backfilling, and structural repair. Whatever the application, you can count on us for support.
Hard rock mining
We support underground hard rock mines across the primary commodities. Our products are designed to provide safety, improve efficiency and include automated solutions.
Coal mining
We are a leader in providing safe environments in extremely fractured and fluid ground conditions. We understand that safety and efficiency are the key requirements of coal production.
Stemming from our mining expertise, we have produced a wide produce a wide range of products that are used in the construction industry. Our solutions are utilised in both above and below ground assets to secure, repair, restore and rehabilitate.
We support many types of geostabilisation and structural repair projects in the energy sector. Our products and services include solutions in the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.